Arrow Equestrian Club

Arrow Equestrian offers a different approach to teaching and learning and specialises in Classical Dressage combined with complementary techniques.

Members of the "Arrow Equestrian Club" have exclusive access to fantastic facilities, a team of experienced and knowledge teachers and therapists and some very special horses. These horses enable both the amateur and professional rider to improve their "feel" for correct work and to gain experience of more advanced work on a trained horse, something that is difficult to find in this country.

Sue Nevill-Parker, owner of this unique equestrian complex, is an experienced rider and trainer and provides a highly developed level of tuition in all aspects of horsemanship. She has trained with a wide range of exceptional teachers, both in the UK and abroad and has further enriched her teaching skills by working with practitioners of complementary therapies such as the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and Pilates.

The Arrow Equestrian Club offers its members a wealth and depth of expertise which is truly unique. It has hosted World renowned teachers such as Erik Herbermann and Filipa Valenca as well as other experts in their own field. It is one of the few centres that teaches work in hand to beginners and more advanced students. To find out more please visit the Club page "(Gold and Silver membership is available)"

Articles written by Erik Herbermann

Sue has been a student of Erik Herbermann for over 30 years, hosting bi-annual clinics and promoting his teaching and philosophy of horsemanship. Erik is one of the very few truly “Classical” horseman who lives and teaches how he writes. Arrow Equestrian is privileged to be able to print some of his articles on this website. All his articles are copyright protected and are produced here on condition that they are neither copied, reproduced or circulated in any way as they have been previously published in the US Dressage Federation magazine, “Connections”. They can be viewed in our "Library"

Pat Parker 1929-2015

Sarah on Crisp

Sue's Mum, pictured above with her Connemara stallion, AJ, passed away on June 13th, 2015. News and photos from Sue and Peter Parker's chosen charity have been added to her tribute.Read about this remarkable women and the orphans of Shiroka Luka.

A lovely relaxed correct position "Murphy" and Richard who considers himself a "Complete Novice"

Latest News

Sue has Moved!

I have moved to a different house, one of the converted barns at Weston House Farm. My new address is The Granary, Weston House Farm, Pembridge, Herefordshire, HR6 9JE Tel: 01544 388 415. However, it is still Arrow Equestrian, Weston House Farm etc….

Events for 2020

Following on from the very popular day on Work in Hand, “Lunging and Work in Hand to Improve Performance” is to be held on Sunday April 4th. See diary Dates for more info.

This year we will be holding another Equine Biomechanics lecture with Iris Ege. This is a great chance to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask and see theory into action to help horses move efficiently to stay sound. Later in the year we will be holding a further one day workshop looking at lunging and work in hand. This will cover the theory as well as giving participants ample chance to practice with trained horses. Then in July we will welcome Filipa Valenca to Arrow for another clinic. Places are limited for all these events so please get in touch if you want your name added to the list.

Our 2020 programme offers an abundance of mounted and dismounted activities.

Theory and Practice Days

These are listed as "Arrow Days" and are held approx. monthly. The days focus on a specific aspect of riding starting with theory and dismounted work, then putting it into practice with a choice of group or short individual sessions, mounted or dismounted. Feldenkrais work on the equine simulator is one of the options which always proves popular so book early!

Taster Days

On selected dates, Sue Nevill-Parker and Sarah Merriam Pierce are offering a taste of what Arrow can offer. No matter if you are an aspiring amateur, a happy hacker or a professional, we can make a difference. The session will include a ridden assessment, work on the simulator and dismounted Feldenkrais work and costs just £95, with a discount of £10 per person if you bring a friend. Check out our "Diary Dates."

Blackberry Equine simulator proves his worth

Photos and video lessons - see Gallery!

Sue has been using the simulator for several years now and is continually finding new and effective ways to help riders improve their riding. Recently she has developed a number of exercises aimed at improving "Core Stability" and this has had a dramatic effect on a number of riders who had been searching for a more secure and stable seat. This in turn enables them to develop a more "feeling" contact with the horse's mouth. Its a win win situation!

There are numerous uses for this piece of equipment:

  • Warm up before you ride
  • Posture and position corrections
  • Hands on adjustments to the rider while in motion
  • Instant video/mirror feedback
  • Galloping and jumping position practice
  • Fitness and endurance training
  • Introduction to riding for beginners
  • Suppleness, coordination and balance exercises

Equine Simulator