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All courses at the Arrow Equestrian Centre at Weston House Farm unless otherwise stated.
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What We Offer

The Arrow Equestrian Centre offers a quiet haven where the high standards of Classical Riding are promoted and maintained alongside a range of complementary techniques and therapies.

The Teachers

Sue Nevill-Parker has dedicated her life to learning how best to help horses and riders progress beyond their perceived limitations. She specialises in rider biomechanics and teaching the "Classical Seat" and uses a wide range of techniques learnt from many different sources - body work therapists as well as dressage and jumping trainers - and from her own experiences in the competitive worlds of dressage, jumping and vaulting. She has trained with Classical Master Erik Herbermann for more than 30 years and ridden in some of the best schools in Germany and Portugal. She continues to push the boundaries for herself and her pupils as she believes that even the most experienced rider always has room for improvement.

Lessons with Sue can be combined with sessions with these additional teachers and therapists, subject to availability.

Sarah Merriam Pierce teaches both the Feldenkrais Method and Pilates at Arrow Equestrian and at her home base near Monmouth. She is available by appointment and holds regular classes on alternate Sundays.

Viv Ray, Craniosacral therapist, offers this relaxing and enlightening therapy at Arrow Equestrian once a week as well as from her home base in Garway.

Christine English is a qualified teachers of the Alexander Technique and riding and she also teaches from her home in Bristol.

Joy Morris also teaches Feldenkrais and Craniosacral Therapy as well TTEAM (Tellington Touch) and Long Reining. She is based near Oxford but is a keen supporter of Arrow and visits when work and horses allow.

The Lessons

Sue Nevill-Parker specialises in lessons on the lunge and the Equine Simulator, working on the rider's position and the correct application of the aids. Even the most experienced rider will benefit from this work but once the basics have been mastered, riders will also benefit from working independently on a horse suitable to their level of experience. Lessons both on the flat and over jumps are usually on a one-to-one basis with many clients choosing to stay for several days taking 2 - 4 lessons a day. Riders are encouraged to participate in all aspects of horsemanship and as a result, many "regulars" build a strong rapport with their "favourite" horse(s).

The Rider

Listening to the horse with your eyes, ears, body and heart is the first step to Classical Riding. To “listen” one must first learn to be “quiet” and this is only possible through a correctly balanced seat. At Arrow you will learn how to master the core skills of body awareness, balance and control so that you can ride with feel and sensitivity. To quote Erik Herbermann

"The horse already knows how to be a horse: the task of horsemanship lies entirely with the rider"

The Arrow Horses

The Arrow schoolmasters play a key role in helping riders develop this correct "feel" for what is right and will enable students to experience the more advanced movements - from leg yield to half pass, pirouettes to piaffe. Whether you are a novice rider or have been riding for years, we have a horse that will help you to understand the simplicity and clarity of classical riding.

"Blackberry" the Equine Simulator

A fantastic addition to the Arrow stables is a custom made Racewood Equine Simulator. This model has three speeds and is at a convenient height for "hands on" rider corrections. There are 4 cameras connected to a TV screen so riders can see themselves from every angle. Position corrections can be achieved in a relatively short time and practiced at length without tiring the horse. The leg and rein sensors teach finesse and the realistic movement builds confidence, suppleness and balance. Another useful feature is its "lateral wobble" which responds to the rider's shift in weight. This enables the rider to simulate left and right lead in canter and to practice weight aids - an essential skill for any rider. All this in the relative security of a warm room!

Your Horse

Your horse will also benefit from what Arrow has to offer, initially because he/she will appreciate your improved riding skills. However, students who bring their own horse with them enjoy the added benefit of working together with the Arrow teachers. TTEAM work and work in hand is an excellent way of improving trust and confidence between horse and rider and Arrow Equestrian is one of the few places to combine this work with true Classical Riding.

At Arrow Equestrian no horse is ever forced or fixed by gadgets or people.

The Facilities

The indoor school is approx 50m X 20m with extensive mirrors, a gallery and an excellent sound system. There is ample hard parking and stabling for visiting clients and their horses. The 4 self-catering accommodation units are finished to a very high standard and provide everything you could want for a relaxing break. There is also a therapy room which is a quiet, open space for floor work, therapies, dismounted teaching sessions and lectures. The library provides an area where you can browse through the large number of books, DVDs and videos or just chat, make a cup of tea or share a meal or a glass of wine with friends. And after a hard days riding, where better to relax than in the spa letting the heat of the sauna or the bubbles of the hot tub soothe away any aches and pains.

In short, the facilities at Arrow Equestrian have been designed especially for individuals and small groups to enjoy an equestrian mini break away from the stresses of work and home so that they can indulge their passion for all things horsey in a relaxed and harmonious environment.