Arrow Equestrian Video

This video has been beautifully produced by a riding student who came all the way from Australia to watch Erik Herbermann and have lessons with me. Of course there are "technical" faults in the horsemanship which some "internet experts", (and there are legions of them), will be quick to point out, but my quirky little Andalusian and I are having a ball! I just love what she has done for me and I hope you do too. Thank you Deni. For those of you who want the "technical stuff" watch this space... Even better, come and watch us in action at Erik Herbermann's next clinic in March.

"I have dreamt of riding dressage for a long time. For me it means to feel at one with the movement of the horse and to communicate in a very subtle way. I am closer to that than I ever hoped to be thanks to Arrow Equestrian. The lessons have improved my balance and aiding and every "Arrow" horse I have ridden has taught me something and has offered me that wonderful way of working together. I think the video is brilliant: it emphasises that Dressage is fun and that the horses have a life. I am glad that, for a change, we can forget about being perfect and simply enjoy riding in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. Riding "Cantinero" in the fields won't win us any prizes, but he certainly looks like he enjoys it!"

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