We have many visitors who come to Arrow from all corners of Britain but this year we added Australia and Cyprus to our visitors book. Here is what they said:

"Working intensively with Sue for a couple of days is always hugely constructive and enjoyable. However, the most rewarding part is when I get home and ride my own horse - her instant improvement helps me realise how profoundly I have changed and keeps me coming back for more!"
C.E, Bristol

There is a saying 'when the pupil is ready to learn, the teacher will appear'. Whilst I would not dare to question such wisdom, I sincerely wish Sue Neville Parker had appeared to me years ago.

I am not a natural rider, and for over a decade I have worked hard to be the rider my horses would choose. I have read books about centred riding, learned the Alexander technique and been on a Mary Wanless weekend. But with my endurance riding I continued to lose stirrups, fall off, get rubs on my coccyx and inner knees and struggled to get my best endurance horse to yield and soften.

When I joined the British Endurance Development Squad last year, they recommended every rider have monthly lunge lessons. I heard of 'a wonderful woman in mid wales' at a lecture on exercises to improve your riding. Arrow Equestrian is over an hour away, but Sue's teaching is so well worth it that 8 months on, I have not missed a lesson. She is a gentle, generous, reflective woman who is comfortable with discussing my idiosyncratic mental imagery after changing position: 'I feel like a cowboy walking into a saloon with guns at hips' or 'so my hips are supposed to be like the wheels of a steam train?'

Through a combination of lessons on Sue's mechanical horse blackberry (with CCTV showing your riding position from all angles) and wonderful Lusitanos and Connemara, I have finally understood how to be secure in the saddle, even going downhill at speed; where my weight should be; how to relax knees and hips and how to keep my feet from flapping. Even after a 120km endurance ride, I am rub free!

Tonight my long suffering arab gelding, who has never given up on me getting it right one day, felt the difference too. In the arena he was light, elasticky, relaxed, rounded, easy. Even cantering on small circles. Such a good feeling! I had a little weep as I took his tack off. Silly, I know. Tonight I am trying to mentally bottle that feeling so that I can spray it on before every ride.

Sue, why didn't you appear to me before?!

C.F. Monmouthshire

"Sue, this has definitely been worth travelling half way around the World for - your instruction has been invaluable and I feel I have learnt so much and developed greater feel and self awareness thanks to you and your wonderful horses. I am going home excited about riding my own thanks to your help and guidance"
NR, Australia

"I am now 100% certain about my choice of riding school - so pleased. Apart from the fantastic accommodation, amazing facilities, lovely schoolmasters and perfect environment, Sue is an amazing instructor, truly hard to find; patient, extremely knowledgable, willing to teach , easily passing on the knowledge, never judgemental and best of all, genuinely passionate about what she does and with a great love for horses. I am definitely revisiting as soon as possible"
NM. Cyprus

And from other visitors:

"I never thought I would learn so much in 5 days and not feel bad that I didn't know it before. Sue, you and your team have been just what I needed at such a crucial point in my riding. You have created a family atmosphere and a "can do" approach. I felt I could ask any question without feeling stupid and now feel excited to start the journey with a new and clever approach. Thanks to everyone."
NS, Kent

"I learnt more with Sue in 4 days than I have learnt in the last 3 years - a really great experience"
CN. London

"Wonderful accommodation, wonderful instruction. Sue's help is priceless"
AH, Oxford

"A fantastic weekend; made more progress than I ever expected"
SJ, Sussex

"I looked forward to this 4-day break and I was not disappointed. The tuition, horses and accommodation far exceeded my expectations. I need Sue every week!"
CR, London