Sue Adams Wheeler

As a typical Sagittarian my thirst for knowledge is seemingly unquenchable. I have ridden all my life and as a teenager I used to ride ponies for the local gypsy dealer at the Appleby and Barnet Horse Fairs. This experience taught me many different ways of communicating with horses long before "horse whispering" became fashionable! In addition, showing hacks, hunting, eventing, point-to-point and National Hunt racing have all played their part in honing my skills.

Most of my adult life has been spent schooling and training young horses and there is nothing I love more than helping the horse that others consider "challenging" or "difficult".

As proprietor of a small but successful school, I also have the opportunity to help riders from their very first lesson through to helping advanced riders prepare for competitions and exams. To improve my own skills I have studied dressage with Erik Herbermann for over a decade and ridden in Germany with the Classical master Egon von Neindorff.

In my journey towards self improvement I have studied Yoga, Tai Chi and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I regularly travel abroad teaching and lecturing on equine movement and the theory of learning. As a senior instructor in the Riding for the Disabled Association I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about human and equine anatomy and movement and give lectures to RDA physiotherapists.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

Tel 01544 388069 / 07799 804809


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