Words of Wisdom - Thoughts on Learning

"I have been having weekly lessons for about 4 years and although I have the opportunity to practice in between sessions, I am not always as diligent as I could be, although I think I am keen to improve. My teacher, himself a pupil of a master, gave me these words, written by his Master, to think about"

"Skills cannot be developed without effort and a practical understanding of what you are doing. Western society in general is impatient - we want things to work now - often believing that if we pay enough money, the skill will be obtained with minimum effort on our part. Many give up before they gain any real benefits, failing to realize why progress is slow or seemingly non-existent. By its very nature, it involves a great deal of patience due to the level of personal development required. Skill in any art cannot be obtained by osmosis. Constant searching is required and I don't mean for the teacher that can offer the supposed short cuts! Search within yourself to gain a clear understanding of your goals, then search for information beyond that of your teacher alone to gain clear clarification and cross-reference. There are no secrets; everything is obtainable by all of us with patience and perseverance."

I found these words to be very thought provoking and inspirational. They are from Professor Cheng Man Ching, a Tai Chi Master SEA. (Thanks to Sue Adams Wheeler for these thoughts).

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