Joy Morris

I was first introduced to classical dressage in 1996 by Heather Moffett and was fortunate to have lessons subsequently with her trainer Dr Margaret Cox. I went on to train as one of Heather's teachers and am now an EET level 3.

I have been riding at Arrow since 2002 with Sue and Erik Herbermann. In 2003 I went to Portugal with Margaret to ride at Centro Equestre da Lazeria Grande for the first time and have been training with the Valenca family several times a year since then. I developed a strong interest in the Portuguese method of in hand work and long reining as I found this helped my horses tremendously as well as being a fun and different way of developing a good partnership. I have had the great fortune to ride and long-rein horses there that have performed in Apassionata - an unparalleled opportunity to get a glimpse of the correct feel of a fully trained horse.

I am owned by three horses who are fantastic teachers and I am in awe of their patient tolerance of my learning curve which is an 'interesting' shape. My lusitano arrived from Portugal in 2006 and proceeded to show me just how little I knew despite 20 years of riding experience!

I qualified as a TTEAM practitioner in 1998 (I am now a P1) and noticing the often amazing improvements in horses plus feeling the inadequacies in my riding I was drawn to the Feldenkrais method. I first had lessons with Vreni Booth, who inspired me to undertake the Professional Training with Mia Segal (who was the co-trainer with Moshe Feldenkrais for Linda Tellington-Jones). I graduated from the MBS foundation training in 2004. I subsequently undertook a 2 year training in craniosacral therapy with Resonance training.

I find the combination of my classical training, TTEAM, Feldenkrais and craniosacral work gives me an amazing tool kit to help horse and rider and I am daily finding that the whole is more than the sum of the parts as I further explore the links between them.

The journey is just beginning!

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