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All courses at the Arrow Equestrian Centre at Weston House Farm unless otherwise stated.
Contact Sue Nevill-Parker for booking forms and further details; Tel: 01544 388415, E-Mail:

Private Arrow Courses

Courses can be tailor made for individuals and small groups with or without your own horse(s). Most riders prefer to book a "mini break" of 2 to 4 days to make the most of the opportunities offered. Programmes can include:

  • Improving position and aiding
  • Lunge lessons
  • Ground work and work in hand
  • An introduction to lateral work
  • Working towards more advanced work
  • Body awareness
  • Video feedback
  • Dismounted work and theory
  • New Equine Simulator Lessons

Single or shared on site S/C accommodation is available in beautifully converted, fully equipped barns and there is an on site spa, library and exercise/therapy room

Work with additional teachers and practitioners is subject to availability. Please contact us to discuss your programme.

Arrow Equestrian Workshops

Classical Dressage Lessons combined with Complementary Techniques

The rider has the biggest influence on the horse and Arrow Equestrian encourages all riders to work on themselves both on and off the horse. Often when we resolve problems in our own bodies, the perceived problems in the horse "miraculously" disappear. The practitioners who work with Sue at Arrow Equestrian are all fully qualified in their own field and workshops and lessons are organised throughout the year. (see Diary Dates).

Sarah Merriam Pierce, (Feldenkrais and Pilates), Christine English, (Alexander Technique) and Joy Morris (Feldenkrais and Craniosacral work), are frequent visitors. Work is carried out in our "therapy room" next to the library and spa. Lessons are usually one-to-one but small groups can also be catered for.

A sample day would include:

  • An assessment ride
  • A dismounted "body work" session
  • A lesson on the equine simulator
  • A lesson on the lunge
  • A lesson on a schoolmaster
  • An individual work plan to take home

Please contact us for prices and further information.