Erik Herbermann - Key Points

These clinics are always an inspiration for me. Words cannot fully describe what happens but I will report some of the key points.

  • Never fear to make mistakes.
  • Ask as much as necessary; quit as soon as you can.
  • Refresh the balance and energy frequently; the horse has no reason to do it on his own.
  • The outside rein is not the aid that controls the outside shoulder from escaping, its both reins say halt!
  • Keep yourself on the ball and the horse will also be there.
  • You don't have to "keep his head down". If you do the right thing, his head will always be just right. (CB used almost exactly the same words)
  • Ride for what is under the seat; not for what is in the hand.
  • You may notice when things are not great but don't tell the horse that you notice. Its like a nosebleed; just deal with it and move on!
  • Keep weeding the garden (for position corrections)
  • They are called "aids", not "make'em do its", not "get them to do its" but "help them to do its"
  • An indicator light does not turn the car; looking in will not turn the horse.
  • The outside leg and seat (pillar) help to channel the energy in the right direction but don't actually turn the horse.
  • Elbow, hand, horse's mouth, the forearm truly part of the rein. If the hand bores down it acts like a martingale.
  • Look straight between the horses ears, even in lateral work.
  • It doesn't take power; it takes finesse. Picking up the right tool for the job.
  • Be pleased and grateful for the little things that work.
  • If you don't get this right (insert your own particular "this") you will stay at the same level of frustration.
  • Cradle the horse between our drive and receive.
  • A low poll is more serious than a horse that is up against the hand.
  • If you can't get something directly or the horse doesn't quite accept the request, go indirectly. It is like the bridge is closed at Pembridge so go via Marston instead.

Serenity - Feeling - Participation - Harmony

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