Erik Herbermann - Sept 06

Once again Erik was in sparkling form. Here are some of Erik's words of wisdom:

  • Guiding on the buckle shows the horse and rider how simple the aids are. You can guide with the greatest of ease and without power; no holding and hauling. In addition it is a wonderful tool to naturalise a spoilt horse.
  • It is only by (the horse) reaching and getting to grips with the bridle that he will understand how to work through his body.
  • You need to bring your whole tool kit to your ride so that you can pick just the right tool for the job.
  • No matter if the horse is going well or badly you should have a contact on each rein. (obviously not when riding on the buckle - SNP)
  • The moment we think things are body immediately responds and the horse feels the change in the body.
  • Blanket your horse with your care and your love. Just doing things is not what it is all about. Praise your horse with your heart and soul.
  • The horse is a blank slate every day. Do not accuse the slate for our inability to write.
  • Only through calmness will the horse respond through the whole of his body.
  • Elegance - Rest - Independence - Freedom
  • Live in the moment
  • School figure pre-empts everything.
  • Can Not lies in the graveyard and Will Not lies next to him
  • Straightening is bending the horse in the opposite direction until he is straight.
  • To prevent drifting, use unilateral aids or deliberately ask for leg yield.
  • Always know which is your inside and which is your outside at any given moment
  • Scales of training - Rhythm, Relaxation, Contact, Straightness - these first 4 take time to establish and all are with forward energy. Impulsion and Collection, (the last 2 points on the scales) assume that the horse is already supple and is only possible with relaxation and energy. Some people put impulsion before straightness with the argument that you must have forward energy to be straight. However, how can you get true impulsion through a crooked horse? Therefore, keep the following three things in mind at all times - Calm, Forward and Straight - most problems occur because one of these cardinal rules has been broken.

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