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Anita and Maestro, Elisabeth and Pooh Bear and Sue in front of the 3-bedroom barn conversion

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Sue Nevill-Parker
Arrow Equestrian Centre
Weston House Farm

Tel: 01544 388 321

Please Note - I much prefer to teach and ride than sit at a computer so I don't check my e-mails "hourly"! However, I always answer e-mails within a few days (maximum) so if you recently sent an e-mail and haven't received a reply, it means that your e-mail didn't arrive or got put into my junk mail. The same applies to my answerphone which I usually respond to within 24 hours (Tel: 01544 388 321). In addition, difficult to believe I know, but mobile phones tend not to work in this area so don't even think of texting!
Many Thanks, Sue





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