Arrow Equestrian Club

The Arrow Equestrian Club is the brainchild of owner Sue Nevill-Parker who says "The quality of horses we have will always be the best teaching aid but the additional facilities and teachers enhance the learning experience and enable us to offer something that is truly unique. I am passionate about Classical Horsemanship and I believe that Club membership is the way forward for our specific approach to learning and riding."

As a member of the Arrow Equestrian Club you have access to exceptional teachers and therapists, wonderful facilities and fabulous horses. These horses enable the amateur rider to experience the correct feel of advanced work on a trained horse, something that is difficult to find in this country.

The Club is non profit making and members receive discounts on lessons and selected clinics, lectures and courses according to their level of membership. Funds are used to subsidise courses and clinics which may otherwise run at a loss thus enabling members to benefit from the wisdom and experience of renowned equestrians in an informal and friendly setting.

Sue Nevill-Parker is the Club trainer and provides a highly developed level of riding tuition having studied with a number of gifted teachers both in riding and a wide range of complementary techniques. She has worked with the other practitioners and a small selection of likeminded equestrian trainers from the UK and abroad including Erik Herbermann, renowned exponent of Classical Horsemanship and author of "Dressage Formula" and "Horseman's Notes" and Filipa Valenca, daughter of the famous Portuguese Maestro Luis Valenca.

Membership Categories

Membership runs from January the 1st to December 31st annually and are divided into 3 categories:

  • Silver Membership £25 per annum
    • Access to all facilities including Arrow horses
    • Regular Newsletters
    • £10 discount on all lessons on the Equine simulator “Members Rates” for clinics, lectures and courses
    • Access to the Arrow Equestrian Club Facebook page, (this is a closed group and gives members access to training videos, articles and discussions).

  • Gold Membership £70 per annum (May be paid in 2 equal instalments, one cheque dated in January and a second cheque dated July 1st but both cheques must be received at the time of joining.
    • All of the above plus
    • £10 discount on all riding lessons

  • Joint (family) Gold Membership £100 per annum (May be paid in 2 equal instalments as above)
    • All of the above but a shared newsletter

You can download a Membership form here.

Gadgets and Horse Abuse

Please note that no gadgets, (even when they are called "training aids") of any sort will be allowed at Arrow Equestrian. This rule applies to anyone coming to Arrow, from lowly happy hacker to International trainer or Olympic medallist. Most of you already know how fussy I am about who comes into my school to teach or ride. The use of gadgets and/or deliberate abuse of any horse is unacceptable and anyone resorting to these methods will be asked to leave and their membership terminated. The only rare exception may be to prevent a dangerous horse injuring its rider or attacking its handler but even then, I believe there must be a better more intelligent way of helping the horse and its rider/handler. There is a difference between strong but acceptable corrections and deliberate (often ill informed) use of extreme methods. If anyone feels an urge to try one of these gadgets they must first undergo training wearing my own "rider training aid" (cost £49.99, deluxe model £99.99).