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Arrow Week Booking form:

Contact Sue Nevill-Parker for further details; Tel: 01544 388 321, e-mail:

Arrow Week 2016 Thursday, May 5th - Sunday, May 8th ONLY

Bookings close on April 20th

Yet again, this week has a packed programme. Arrow Week is an excellent time to bring your own horse and do several days of consistent work. It can really help you to "move on" if you have a specific issue and give you lots of things to take home so that you can work on your own. Club horses tend to work overtime so book early if you want lessons on Arrow horses, (subject to weight restrictions). Places are limited to ensure that there is time for individual attention but if you can't come for the whole week, you can still enjoy a day programme or (if you are local) drop in sessions. Either way, take advantage of the teachers while they are here. We have kept the prices down for another year so it represents unbeatable value for money. Simply book ahead. When booking, please indicate if you have any special requests, otherwise I will do my best to accommodate everyone while ensuring no teacher gets over (or under) worked. Please note that all participants must be Gold members so if you are not already paid up add £35 membership fee to your deposit to take advantage of the reduced prices. This will also give you gold membership discounts on all lessons for the rest of the year.
Please note that all participants must be Gold members so if you are not already paid up add £35 membership fee to your deposit to take advantage of the reduced prices. This will also give you gold membership discounts on all lessons for the rest of the year.

The format is a little different this year plus we have decided to limit it to just the second half of the week, Thursday to Sunday. These dates coincide with Feldenkrais Awareness Week so both Joy and Sarah are offering half price Taster Sessions, ridden sessions with Joy and dismounted sessions with Sarah. If you haven’t tried Feldenkrais before, please book in for a session. If we get too many, the session may be taken at another time but it must be booked and paid for during Arrow Week. (See prices below). Please tell your "non Arrow" friends about this special offer. In addition, so that the regulars do not feel short changed (!) if you book 2 sessions with either teacher they will give you a Blackberry session 1/2 price.

Sue Nevill-Parker - daily ridden work on the lunge, on the flat and over fences
Sarah Merriam Pierce - daily dismounted work, Feldenkrais/Pilates and video feedback
Joy Morris, mounted Feldenkrais lessons, Long Reining and Work in Hand, TTEAM,
Joy and Sarah will also run Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais classes
Viv Ray, Craniosacral work, Thursday only
Chris English Friday and Saturday only - dismounted Alexander Technique
The equine simulator, "Blackberry" is also available with any of the teachers.

Joy will be bringing her horse Trinco, who during his time in Portugal was used as an Advanced schoolmaster at CELG, Luis Valenca's school. She is offering Trinco to those who already have some experience for advanced lessons in Long Reining and Work in Hand.

The proposed Open Day is also on hold but there will be demos and lectures throughout the week. Anyone who wants to see what we do can come along to these sessions and/or have an intro session with any of the teachers at the special discounted Arrow Week rates. If you have more than just a Taster or Intro session you need to be a full Arrow Member (£70 for the full year or 2 x £35 for January - June and July to December). We hope many of you will be able to participate and take advantage of the Feldenkrais offer.

The Programme is also going to be a little different with a "theme" for each of the first 3 days and evening demos which again will be open to members and non members as well as those participating in the week. This does not mean that all lessons will be restricted to the theme but it gives a bit more structure to the week. Times will be arranged once the booking forms are in but as previous participants know, it is all subject to last minute changes . Iris's lecture/walk on Herbs for Horses is going ahead on May 1st as planned and we have added some activities for that day for those who want to do more.

Arrow Week Provisional Programme

Wednesday - arrivals for those coming to stay with or without their horses. Joy will be arriving in the afternoon. Sue NP and Sue S will be shopping at Badminton!

Thursday - Joy, Sarah, Viv and Sue NP will be teaching
Theme "Seat bones and Pelvis"
There will be a group Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class in the morning and a Free Introductory Awareness Through Movement Class in the evening

Friday - Joy, Sarah, Sue NP and Christine English
Theme "Head to Feet alignment and Weight Aids"
There will be a demo riding lesson in the early evening

Saturday - teachers as above
Theme "Leg Aids and Rein Aids and Co-ordination"
There will be a demo Feldenkrais Riding Lessons with Joy at approx. 2pm (Guinea Pig pupil required) and a Work in Hand and Long Reining demo in the evening, also with Joy.

Sunday with Joy, Sarah and Sue will be a day for consolidation and recap.
There will be an Awareness Through Movement Class at 2pm.

Additional Arrow Afternoon on May 1st

Feldenkrais Class at 2pm (£12) followed by a group ride, (£10). Tea and biscuits at 4.30 followed by Iris's lecture/walk which is open to non members as well as members (£15), "How to harvest herbs for horses in Herefordshire" (see below).

Lecture and herbal walk at Arrow Equestrian May 1st, 5pm
Do you want to use local herbs for your horse? A wide variety of healing herbs grow in abundance in fields and hedgerows. Many are most effective dried, a few work best given fresh. A workshop at Arrow Equestrian near Pembridge is going to explain what herbs work well, how to identify, harvest and use them. Uses explained include skin problems, stomach ulcer prevention, poor doers and mild arthritis cases. The aim is to start building your confidence identifying and using herbs.

Iris Ege wild crafted herbs in her teens long before qualifying as a vet and veterinary herbalist. She has lived and worked as a vet in Herefordshire for 8 years and knows the mixed hedgerows and unspoilt wild flower meadows of Weston House Farm well. Please bring your wellies. Cost: £15 including Tea and biscuits (from 4.30pm) Booking is essential as places are limited to ensure a hands on experience.

For more information visit or ring Iris on 07974 394157. You can also book directly on the Arrow Week form.

The booking form and price list can be downloaded here and is as simple as I know how, (i.e. complex) so feel free to add special requests on an additional sheet. Below is a list of important information. Please read it before booking.

Important Booking Information

1. The booking fee is £30 per person per day, Thursday to Sunday inclusive. Individual days/lessons may be booked on the same form, just make sure you have indicated which day(s) you want to come. Bookings and deposits must be received BEFORE APRIL 20TH

2. Stabling, including day boxes, is limited so must be booked in advance. The cost is £15 per day. (DIY, wood pellets only £5 per additional bag, bring all your own feed stuff, haylage is available at £3 a day)

3. If you would like lessons on an Arrow horse, please mark "AH" on the form

4. Advanced Long Reining sessions with Joy's horse Trinco are only available if you have previously worked with Joy. Assessment/intro sessions must be booked prior to an advanced session (see form)

5. Dismounted sessions with Joy, Sarah, Chris or Viv are approx. 45 mins - 1 hour. Sarah Merriam Pierce will also give private video feedback sessions to include some specific exercises for you. If it is not possible to bring your own camera, one can be provided.

6. Additional Theory and Demos. Additional sessions will be arranged during the week according to popular demand at a cost of £10pp. Please use the space on the form to make any requests.

7. Additional "Blackberry" sessions (equine simulator) may be used by teachers in addition to other mounted or dismounted session. These will be charged according to time "in the saddle" at a rate of £1 per minute.

8. Tea, coffee biscuits etc are provided but please bring your own supplies for all other meals. The units have full S/C facilities and there is a fridge in the stables. We usually have a get together on the last nights, either a pub meal or take away.

9. On site accommodation is available at £45pp per night (£40 per night after 2 nights). There are 3 single units, 1 with a double futon bed.

10. All participants are expected to contribute to the stable work and caring for "your" horse including tacking up, washing down, tack cleaning, etc.. but there will always be someone on hand if you need some help or guidance.

11. As a guide, most people book 3 sessions a day with a combination of ridden and dismounted work. "Blackberry" sessions can almost always be added during the week but the rest of the programme gets pretty full. Adjustments to your programme are often made during the week so don't panic if you can't decide exactly what you want to do.